Time to get serious

This is my dream, this is my happy place and this is my ever after. Even if I havnt been updating this blog...I have never stopped writing. I may not have ever queried again but...the writing has never stopped. I have the best of intentions but lest face it...The world is littered with good intentions.

I am going to begin posting here again every day!

I am going to create realistic goals.

I am going to be published next year.

I am horrible at affirmations.

And I dont care.

Hmm..Its been a minute!

Well...I can't say any good reasons for letting this blog go other than i just forgot...I have been busy writing...I have not queried again. I really need to be better about all of this stuff but here we are. SO Nano 2013 I am participating!
I am writing a series based in a far off universe eons in the past. They are an advanced species. Everything is alien, nothing is humanoid so its been interesting to write. I quite love it. I will be beginning tonight at midnight. Gonna try to get a good head start!

The working title is "The Dreaming" This is book two which I have named The Hand of Izi. This is the cover i made for the book, however i do not own rights to the photo itself.

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I think I finally got the right query!

I hope! So after hours of blood sweat and tears, I finally got some thumbs up on my query attempts! I am excited about it, but still quite gun shy from my last query run. I will start sending them out tomorrow I hope...

Well, for your reading enjoyment here it is!
Dear Agent,

In her first week as a Sidhe Princess, Annan fell in love, foretold the future, affianced two couples, restored powers to five ancient beings, had her throat slit, and a small army was sent to capture her for the pleasure of the false Sidhe King.

That was last week. Now she must find a way to control her magic if she is to protect herself and her companions from an eternity of torture. With a small following of fading Sidhe warriors and the ghost of her mother to guide her, she knows she will stand and fight to uphold her claim to the throne, even as her enemy descends upon her. But when her lover is taken prisoner, vengeance consumes her.

THE ROSES OF CRAIBE: THE LOST PRINCESS, a fantasy novel set in the 16th century, is a complete manuscript at 98,000 words with series potential.

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I have decided with much sadness in my heart, that I am taking a break from querying. I am not giving up on my book, I think it is something that will be quite good. It is not your average happy ending fairy fantasy...Its dark, and desolate...our heroine does not come out of this unscathed...in fact...she comes out near dead. I am not closing the cover of this book, and I will see it published. But I cannot see through my blinders right now when it comes to writing queries. I have three other books I am working on too...One of which is actually book two of the book I am querying. That is my other concern. I wrote this book to be a series...There is no grand culmination at the end of this book...its a disappointing story, that leaves you in shock...and I wrote it that way on purpose...

 So I may do some rewrites on the book, plot fixes...character flaw repairs...I dont know. for now The Roses are dormant. 

I may not write much over the course of this break either. I feel like I need to some how find balance in my life. I am a busy woman. I live with my best friend and her family. I am a stay at home mom who takes care of a house full of seven people. I cook and clean for them...they all work and I dont. Now the kids have chores, and others do cook, and I get my weekends free of all the weekday stuff I do. Our household works. 

What doesnt get juggled in is my time to write, and time to manage my two businesses. Which by the way are closed until further notice because I still havnt gotten a work space cleared out in the garage. Its been a year, and I really need to get back on it. I opened my second business right before we moved here, and it was VERY successful. I have since reopened that one, but only with custom orders. I have had one large order and nothing else. I dont have the time I need to work on it. 

I need to regroup, reasses, and divvy up my time so I can better set myself up for success, both as a business woman, and a writer. 

I know that I will be ready to work on queries again soon, and I know that the good friend who is currently editing my book will never give up on it. I appreciate that more than I can say. But for now, I need to collect myself. 
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Through the help of a dear friend, I have another query letter. I think its good...I'm a little excited about it, but I patiently await unbiased feedback.  Meanwhile, I am reconnecting with my character and working on her second book. Presumptuous sure...but i know my friends and family who have read the book will wish to know the rest of the tale...Even if this little project of mine never sees a printing press...those close to me will love it. I know they already do. 

I also am excited about another book entirely....I have been working on it for some time...I started it last fall but had to stop at 25k words in order to participate in NaNoWriMo. I am reconnecting with this very interesting Sci/fi book. I started writing the ending today, while I still have much of the guts of the story to write...the ending spoke to me...I couldn't resist. 

I don't know if I will ever finish my NaNo book...its a big genre jump for me...Murder mystery...its a thrilling and sensual tale, but very gruesome...at 50k words I have already killed 18 people....I have a really hard time connecting with one of my main characters, and writing in his POV is murder...I think it has potential...but it is a big mess...Half of the time I was trying to get my words in, I turned off the monitor and closed my eyes...I got my words...but ill be damned if I know what I wrote! 

A short adventure...more to come. 
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Ive been shown the light...or torn down...cant tell which...

OK, so in searching around this querying experience, I found a forum dedicated to helping writers...It is full of Published writers, agents, publishers, and of course struggling writers like myself.  So I posted my query letter looking for reasons as to why I was getting such cold responses...I kid you not "Thanks but no thanks." Was all one agent sent me...

Well as it turns out this query letter that I toiled over for ages was crap...and stemming from the crap letter, was told my book must be crap too...Yea it was the opinion of one mean person, but I cant get it out of my head...I feel like a lot of my confidence in writing has been shattered...

I wrote a couple more queries, but the new one I posted was shot down too...im feeling...deflated. 
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Life Stifles...

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life stifles a creative mind...Its been a week and a half since I sent out my first batch of query letters...I have 4 rejections, and three no reply (yet). I wanted to get them done and send two a day last week, but nothing seems to go my way. I dont know why it is working out this way, and this week is turning into just the same...I cant win. So stress is ever present, and writing seems to be the last thing that gets any attention...
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 So I have recently started traveling the wonderful world of becoming an agented author. So far the process is daunting, confusing, and hard work. I think you need to be psychic for this stuff...I am remaining confident, but the process is long. It took me 2 hours to send 7 letters, by email. Each agent wants something different. You are never really sure what that is. 

And synopsis writing is just as confusing. The query letter itself contains a paragraph long synopsis of the book meant to hook the reader into wanting more...Most agents this is enough. A synopsis is a 2-9 page outline of the entire book. For email 2 or 3 pages is common (so I hear). But again its confusing...if you go by the email rules, and one agent prefers the longer synopsis you will be denied simply because your format is wrong. 

This has been a frustrating task, but I will not give up. I want to be published so bad I can taste it. I know I have a good book, even though I sometimes think my writing could use a good editors touch. 

Deep breath, time to get back on the saddle. 
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